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Muppets, jazz, and visual thinking

Kermit gets a lesson in visual thinking from Harry the Hipster.

A 1966 remake of "Visual Thinking", with Kermit taking the part of Harry the Hipster, and Grump replacing Kermit as the square.

These skits showcase how graphic recording is like jazz.  You capture the different solos as they emerge from a meeting and you also capture the whole compositional theme.
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Stick Figure Portal

Frieze of stick figures by bubblemania

Did you know there is a whole community of animators and comix artists devoted to stick figures?
My life drawing students have to do some stick figure drawings as one of the assignments in week one.  The stickpageportal community is an interesting field trip for students who want to get into animation or game art.

Movie splash page by Bubblemania
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Warm and cool colors

Idiagram has some great visuals on their website.
Visual Modeling for Complex Business Problems

Ideagram's examples of their graphic facilitation process show how they use real time white board sketches as preliminary pieces. The final image is a crisp and clean digitized graphically designed finished product that does not have the spontaneous, collaborative feel of the hand drawn raw material. However, this type of finished product can be used to more clearly illustrate relationships to stakeholders who were not in the room.

The designers have connected strong meanings to specific colors. For example, in the middle illustration the warm (orange) side of the design represents sharing and the (cool) blue side represents doing. I wonder if it would be better to flip the colors and make the warm side the doing side and the cool side the sharing side?
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VizThink Europe '08

Here's some information about a conference I'd love to attend! Berlin is so cool!

VizThink Europe '08
12 - 14 October 2008
Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre, Berlin, Germany
Discount code: BCHS01 - Gives you a discount and gives me a discount too!
Berlin Conference Site:
Registration Page:
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Graphic facilitation - the second oldest profession

...graphic facilitation could be called the world's second oldest profession: telling stories and making pictures. Once early humans started standing up straighter, making cooler tools, and collaborating to go on more dangerous journeys, they have struggled with how to communicate strategy to the tribe. So the challenge of information design started on the cave wall. Somewhere along the line, experienced elders and shamans pulled the talented but surly artistic clansman aside and said, "Listen. I know you don't like spear-chucking. So, can you draw a big Mastodon on the wall? We've got to teach the rest of these slacker kids how to hunt without getting killed."
Peter Durand, Creative Director, Alphachimp Studio Inc.

Durand's dramatization of the recorder/artist from the beginning grounds visual thinking in prehistory and points to the power of visual information to communicate stories and to teach.  This prehistory connection is also in Victoria Finlay's book called Color: A Natural History of the Palette.  Finlay's dramatic story of the search for and wars about the color ochre dramatizes the vast pre-paint tube importance of color to all  cultures throughout the human experience.

Do you know any other historical root quotes or stories for visual thinking?